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IKEA Besta Cabinet Upgrade…

We searched high and low for a reasonably priced TV cabinet that 1)provided decent closed storage, 2) that was stylish, 3) sits high enough and 4) was long enough to balance with our sectional sofa.

The Besta cabinet was by far the best choice since it offered the ability to customize. All for under $400.

Here is a before:

Add pulls and legs…and yes I used a cup pull on a door. I have been looking for an opportunity to use them in a design, so here you go. A bit unconventional, but why do I have to be conventional!

And a functional, fresh and stylish cabinet is born...


Cabinet- IKEA Besta in White Lappviken

Pulls- Top Knob Hollin Cup Pull 5 1/16”

Legs-IKEA Nannarp

Let me know what you think…


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I love it!!

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