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Beach House Reno...

I am so excited to share these plans for our beach condo renovation. During the last several months we have met with 7 different contractors only to receive reno quote after quote that blew my mind.

As a designer, I am able to see contractor pricing. With this knowledge, we decided to take matters into our own hands. First on the list was floors. We found vinyl plank floors from a local distributor for a 1/3 of what we were quoted by some contractors at the beach and of course, they were leaps and bounds in quality over what the contractors offered. Next, we tackled the kitchen. Again, cabinet prices quoted were insane for the quality offered. We ended up working with a local cabinet manufacturer who offered unbeatable quality and price. I drew a design and worked with their in-house designers to bring it my idea to life. After several iterations and many floorpan limitations, we have a solid plan.

Our cabinets are being delivered this week and we can't wait to see the project come to life. Check out the demo pictures and the floorpan below. Let me know what you think. Of course, if you are thinking about tackling a kitchen reno, but are concerned about the cost, reach out. I bet we can find a plan that works with your budget.

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