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Residential Design

Stone House Design Co. was created out of a love and appreciation for design that stemmed from my early childhood. I constantly found myself easily indulged in design literature. As my design magazine collection grew over the years, so did my desire to yield to my creative side.

The push for a business in interior design was intensified each time a friend or family member asked for design help.  Finally in 2014, I enrolled in an Interior Design program to ensure I had the education to complement my passion. Three and a half years later, and with several projects under my belt, I completed the course with the confidence and motivation I needed to start this business.  

E-Design Process

My goal is to work within the budget that I am given.  Unlike many designers, I offer a reasonable fixed price instead of an hourly rate. My hope is that this pricing will make hiring a designer much more accessible. To ensure that I am giving each project the attention it needs, I work on a limited number of projects at a time. Contact me soon for availability.


I'll begin by collecting information about you and your space such as a lifestyle questionnaire, room details, budget and measurements. This can be done over  email, phone or in person (depending on location and availability).


Based on the information provided and package selected, I will design and draw a floorpan.  Once we agree on the floorpan, I will use your guidance to choose furnishings that reflect your style. 


The floorpan, design board, and a shoppable list will then be provided to you to do as you wish. You can decide to purchase all of the items, some of the items or purchase at a later time.

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