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And yet another DIY!

With every project, we swear that this will be the last and yet here we are again starting another project. Board and batten definitely takes longer to install than we initially thought. The longest part for us was making a decision on the layout including the size boards, the height, the start/finish, what walls to use, etc. It seemed so simple in my head, but when my hubby points out the details that I failed to consider, my once so clear brain becomes confused (or confuzzled as my daughter would say)! So about 3 hours into planning and with no concrete idea, we decided to wing it only because it's my house and I can. Design is always so clear to me when I work with clients, however, when it comes to my own projects, I just love too many options to decide on just 1. Here is the start of the project that we will be completing in between all of our moving parts. Stay tuned for the finished result!


Stone House Design Co.

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